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Need Sermon Illustrations?

"Sunday Coming?"

Spend hours searching the internet or Spend a few minutes using the Autoillustrator.

Internet sites usually allow you to search only one topic at a time and often return only a few sermon illustrations.

Check out the video below to see how the Autoillustrator allows you to search a 38,000 sermon illustration database using multiple topics and return just the right sermon illustrations in only a few moments.

It's All About Your Time.

The Autoillustrator has a sophisticated search engine built right into the program allowing you to search up to 4 subtopics within a primary topic to pinpoint a great set of sermon illustrations to choose from.

For example: A search for "humor" will find over 8720 funny sermon illustrations. By entering a second topic, "children" you can narrow the 8720 on "humor" to a little over 1600 funny stories about kids. Next enter "obedience" if you'd like to find funny stories about a child's obedience. This search will yield 50 sermon illustrations in our deluxe version. You can read throgh those in just a few minutes and find just the right sermon illustration to drive your point home.


A powerful search engine and a database of over 38,500 sermon illustrations have made the Autoillustrator a proven favorite of pastors for over 20 years.

When you can't seem to find just the right sermon illustration to make a point... Why search for hours on the net. Use the Autoillustrator, a proven favorite of pastors for over 20 years. The search engine is available with over 38,500 sermon illustrations right at your fingertips.


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